Arts and Crafts manor, Devon garden restoration

11th June 2015

The restoartion of the manor continues. The skill of pillar caps and copings; Steve, Chally and Chris all Rural stonework chiefs. Ben Jones on the hi ab, supplier of supreme materials..www.extreme


tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no6_540tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no2_540 tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no4_540 tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no7_540 tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no5_540 tumblr_njvgbfuTgG1s4210no3_540 Arts and crafts manor, trestoring the gateway.