Devon Cliff Garden, Coastal Garden Design.

Devon Cliff Garden, South Devon. A coastal garden design project running from 2012 until present. As part of a collaboration with Duncan Nuttall:, a garden designer based in Dartmouth, Devon.

A coastal garden design in Devon, England. The landscaping on the cliff top was designed to suit a coastal garden environment resilient to the elements. The coastal garden rolls down to the sea.

This project is a performance of colours and textures that compliment the sea and cliffs. Elements that combine and harmonise to create a coastal garden design that truly fits its environment.

Conrad Batten’s techniques aim to utilise the environment and landscape to create a plant system that thrives under the elements. Season to season this coastal garden design project adapts and grows in line with the ever changing coastline. Resilient to the salty air and strong winds, plants are selected to be hardy and durable whilst also blending in with the colours of the coast. Married with their environment, plants lead the eye in a fluid motion from the land out and beyond to the horizon. The rows of shrubs and grasses create lines and dimensions that match the symmetry of the horizon and sky. They move and dilate as if mimicking the motion of the sea beyond but contrast in colour depending on the weather and season. Near the house, summer blooms create a heady burst of purples that sit against the soft oak decking surrounding the pool house. 

Vast experience gives Conrad Batten the ability to meet and perfect the visions and ideas of the client. His knowledge of the plants selected and the environment in which they are placed mean that he is able to produce coastal garden designs which thrive from their completion well and beyond into the future.