Devon Olive Grove- A Mediterranean Garden Design

The Devon Olive grove is a Mediterranean garden design a mile from the coast. It continues to thrive and for the first time the French almonds have blossom and set fruit. The apricots have set a bumper crop, and the peaches are looking well. Using plants, flowers and fruits the Devon Olive Grove is designed to create an authentic Mediterranean garden feel.

This Mediterranean garden design project aims to transport the visitor to a place of beauty through its use of iconic plants and features. Olive trees and evergreens create a luscious and thriving garden that is rich in colour and growth. The tonality of the greens suggests a Mediterranean environment which benefits from a powerful sun and replenishing sea that is found on its coastline. 

A combination of understanding, knowledge and experience allow Conrad Batten’s Mediterranean garden designs to prosper and thrive from their outset and into the future. Conrad creates an ecology of plants that work together by harnessing the elements and conditions of their environment. The outcome is a rich and sustainable setting that works to meet the needs of the client. Be it a Mediterranean garden design or a project that reflects the Devon and Cornwall countryside, Conrad works to create a surrounding that is in line with the demands and visions of his client.