Conrad Batten: Garden Designer, Devon.

Conrad Batten is a professional landscape and garden designer in Devon; creating natural, bespoke, and experimental gardens and landscapes throughout the South West. Each garden design is conscientious of the ecology and sense of place, combining known styles: cottage, formal, prairie, contemporary, and Mediterranean. The design process draws inspiration from vernacular features and the personal narrative of the client, which leads to a dynamic collaborative design process. The Devon garden design practice fuses an arts/anthropology background with his interest in sustainable ecology, creating spaces which have a natural aesthetic and form, giving meaning and contentment to the client. These spaces have balance, rhythm, and flow; are innovative and enduring.

As a garden designer, Conrad explores an ecology of space and plants, often using the theory of forest gardening; whereby plants work together transferring nutrients, creating a sustainable environment, with low human input.  The garden designs are artistically and plant driven, creating structure and form from the clients wishes and dreams.

Conrad works throughout Devon and Cornwall, south west, London and further afield.

Recent gardens and landscapes

Architects that have collaborated and aided projects:

Andrew Lethbridge associates Harrisonsutton Nash partnership Woodfordarchitecture Stride Treglown Jones lang and Lassall






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