Garden Design, Devon

For Conrad, the garden is a place of transition, of stimulating transformation. His creations can be found across Devon, Cornwall and the South-West and are a reflection of his passion for innovative and sensitive garden design. Working with both public and private clients, Conrad’s approach to landscaping and garden design remains the same, and is designed to connect clients with their outdoor space and provide an intuitive design to fulfil the requirements of the individual.

Whether we are embracing or escaping, daydreaming or doing, sharing or solitary, listening or performing, the garden articulates with us… we inhabit it and, over time through memory, it inhabits us. This dialogue with the garden, how a moment and space relate, informs and drives Conrad’s process of garden design with his clients.

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Inspirational Garden Design: Devon, Cornwall and the South-West

A garden is a collection of considerations. Having an awareness and being responsive to the surrounding environment, shapes the form and usage of the garden design. Understanding that a lived or imagined moment is a stimulus to the creation of a place, and in turn recognising that these places and desired moments are the personal essence of a garden. Designing flow into the garden, between our favourite places; establishing rhythm and tempo, coheres the whole; creating a working ecology of space, plants and beauty.

Conrad’s approach to garden design is client-rich. Together, we will walk through the garden, exploring conjured moments and emergent form, which will lead us to an evolving design that establishes your personal connection to the garden. The principles of forest garden design: planting a working ecology of plants, suited to the environment, productive in diverse ways; underpins a naturalistic planting style.

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Garden Design, Devon
Concept proposals.

A garden design will create a space that is not only beautiful but that works hard for you, your family and your lifestyle. Good garden design will take into account all of your dreams and visions as well as considering the practicalities of your everyday life, but will also push your boundaries and inspire you with ideas you may not have considered. The garden is important for well-being but will also be financially beneficial, adding value onto any property.

Following on from the initial consultation and exploration of the space alongside the client, the process of garden design begins with initial garden drawings; formulating a sense of what the client is imagining based on the brief, and offering innovative interpretations and solutions. Using a mix of collage, details, and light movable mark making, the vision for your project will begin to unfold. Conrad’s drawings, full of details and fine lines, enable the client to begin exploring options for their garden design and mark the start of a dynamic, collaborative garden design process. 

Conrad Batten Garden Design, Devon, develop unique designs specific to you and your requirements, whilst remaining conscious of ecology and sense of place to bring contentment and harmony to the design.

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Garden Design, Devon
Ground Plan.

First draft ground plans translate features onto a survey drawing.

Discussion with the client followed by extensive research and site assessment moves the initial drawings of the concept proposal stage into more detailed survey drawings. Planning of the overall garden design becomes more particular, with special attention to the ground and its conditions, and containing details of materials used, design elements and any other special features required. 

Conrad Batten Garden Design, Devon, often collaborates with reputable architects, sculptors and stonemasons in Devon, Cornwall or across the UK to provide a holistic and unique garden design with striking features. 

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Garden Design, Devon
Detailed proposal.

The detailed proposal is the translation of the garden design to the ground. At this stage, garden details are isolated – such as movement in the space, placing of structures & social areas, growing beds and tree positions – and a working knowledge of methods and details of installation are finalised. Conrad’s garden designs in Devon, Cornwall, the South West are developed with a sensitivity for their unique locations and environments.

Garden construction can take various forms; from an evolving organic process to a scheduled process of elements within a defined time frame. Different gardens will emerge from each method.

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Garden Design Devon
Planting plans.

Going into more detail than the other proposals on the specifics of plant use within the garden design. Devon and Cornwall have a unique coastal microclimate and consideration of this is paramount when selecting the fauna that will thrive in and complement the location of each project.

Different planting ‘zones’ can be identified within the overall garden design and each planting plan will ensure a balance within the plant community for that zone, and take into account the positioning and exposure of the site to ensure a successful planting scheme. This may involve specification of plant ratios within a planting plan, or specify details for individual plant placement. 

Conrad is skilled in creating inspiring garden spaces with natural placement and form, sustainable ecology and artistic flair. He specialises in using principles of forest garden design and also has experience working with coastal garden design – Devon being the hub of his practice.

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Garden Design, Devon
Planning submissions.

Where necessary, planning submissions can be prepared alongside a garden design – to convey and explain in a simple, easily understood format, planning consideration for garden design projects.

Conrad is experienced in preparing planning submissions in the required format and has prior history dealing with a number of local authorities in Devon, Cornwall and the South West, so is ideally positioned to advise and assist in getting the right planning permission for your garden design or landscaping project. 

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