Garden Design Devon: Planting plans.

18th February 2016

Garden Design Devon
Planting plans.

Going into more detail than the other proposals on the specifics of plant use within the garden design. Devon and Cornwall have a unique coastal microclimate and consideration of this is paramount when selecting the fauna that will thrive in and complement the location of each project.

Different planting ‘zones’ can be identified within the overall garden design and each planting plan will ensure a balance within the plant community for that zone, and take into account the positioning and exposure of the site to ensure a successful planting scheme. This may involve specification of plant ratios within a planting plan, or specify details for individual plant placement. 

Conrad is skilled in creating inspiring garden spaces with natural placement and form, sustainable ecology and artistic flair. He specialises in using principles of forest garden design and also has experience working with coastal garden design – Devon being the hub of his practice.

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