Garden Design Devon: Concept Proposal.

28th January 2016

Garden Design, Devon
Concept proposals.

A garden design will create a space that is not only beautiful but that works hard for you, your family and your lifestyle. Good garden design will take into account all of your dreams and visions as well as considering the practicalities of your everyday life, but will also push your boundaries and inspire you with ideas you may not have considered. The garden is important for well-being but will also be financially beneficial, adding value onto any property.

Following on from the initial consultation and exploration of the space alongside the client, the process of garden design begins with initial garden drawings; formulating a sense of what the client is imagining based on the brief, and offering innovative interpretations and solutions. Using a mix of collage, details, and light movable mark making, the vision for your project will begin to unfold. Conrad’s drawings, full of details and fine lines, enable the client to begin exploring options for their garden design and mark the start of a dynamic, collaborative garden design process. 

Conrad Batten Garden Design, Devon, develop unique designs specific to you and your requirements, whilst remaining conscious of ecology and sense of place to bring contentment and harmony to the design.

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